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Universal Travel Adapter, CSHID-US International Power Adapter, Worldwide ALL in One Wall AC Outlet Power Plug Adapter with 3 USB + 1 Type C Charging Ports for Asia USA UK AUS European 200 Countries

  • 【2019 NEWEST Universal Travel Adapter】- This CSHID-US all-in-one universal travel adapter integrates 4 retractable plugs (US, EU, UK, AU) and USB ports, which are available in 200+ countries, including USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China, etc. Designs with wide voltage: 100V-250V AC. Max Power: 1500W (250V/6A). It’s an excellent Travel Companion. Note: This international travel adapter does NOT convert voltages.
  • 【New UPGRADED Auto-resetting Fuse】- Upgraded built-in auto-resetting fuse to protection against overload or short circuit. The fuse will disconnect automatically at high current, and will connect again when the power back to normal. Permanent fuse, no need to change it for lifetime, to protect the device intelligently, also to avoid fire.
  • 【High Speed Type C Port Added】- Comes with 3 USB + 1 TYPE-C Port, Max.2.4A on each USB port and 3A on Type-C, supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices such as cell phones and table PCs. Smart Chip for identification, automatic indication of current and voltage ensures safe and effective fast charging. This chip is also designed with energy saving, intelligent distribution, lightning protection, overload protection, overcharge protection, overheat protection, etc.
  • 【Built-in Safety Shutters】- Built-in safety shutters inside the jack field, protect users from direct touch of live parts to avoid electric shock. Conductive only when two holes are plugged in simultaneously. Add Effective protection for children.
  • 【Best Quality and Lifetime Warranty】- Our international power adapter is made of heat-resistant PC + ABS engineering plastics. Will not deform at 125 ℃. High flame retardancy, glowing thread will not burn at 750 ℃. FCC, CE and RoHS certified, you can buy with confidence. Any questions about CSHID-US worldwide plug adapter, please don't hesitate to message us.

  • UPC:682228982315

    2019 NEWEST Universal Travel Adapter : CSHID-US International Power Adapter has US/EU/UK/AUS plugs,designs with wide voltage: 100V-250V AC. Max Power: 1500W (250V/6A)

    ✔ It is suitable for more than 200 countries. Can connect with plug, laptop, low power hair dryer and electronic devices. 
    ✖ This product is NOT suitable for some high performance devices, please check the power before use.

    Built-in Auto-Resetting Fuse

    How the fuse works: 

    When there is a short circuit or overload, the heat increases from the high current flowing through the fuse. If the temperature is too high, the fuse wire will fuse. And the current will be cut off. When the disturbance is released, the self-recovering fuse wire cools again and it is reconnected and a new return path is established. 

    Smart Chip for Intelligent Distribution

    This usb power adapter has built-in IC chip, can automatically identify the current and voltage and choose the appropriate charging mode accordingly. Provides protection for the devices. 

    3 USB + 1 TYP-C,Max.2.4A on each USB port and 3A on Type-C (Type-C for MACBOOK PRO)

    The built-in safety shutters protects the user from direct contact with live parts at the socket. By moving the selector switch only one plug can be used, the other plugs are automatically locked. 


    -Input voltage: 100V-250V
    -Maximum carrier current: 6A
    -Rated power: 100V-630W / 250V-1500W
    -3 USB & 1 Type C output: 5V / 5000mA (common)
    -Suitable for two-hole plug-in devices

    No voltage conversion

    This product does not have a voltage conversion function (AC-AC). Please make sure that the power of the outlet you are using has the correct voltage to prevent possible damage to your device or other security risks.
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