Cshidworld Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Noise Cancelling

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  • ♬【Newest Bluetooth 5.0】Cshidworld bluetooth earbuds adopt the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 with TWS technology which provide more stable connection, faster paring and universal compatibility. Support multipoint pairing to two devices at the same time.
  • ♬【High Fidelity Sound】True wireless earbuds with 13mm vibrating diaphragm and HD rendering technology produce truly natural, authentic sound and powerful bass performance sound no matter in calls or in music time.
  • ♬【One Step Pairing】Auto power on and paring after taking the earbuds from the charging case. Meanwhile automatically power off and turn to charging mode after putting back into the charging case, auto cut off after fully charged.
  • ♬【30 Hours Playtime】Bluetooth headphones get 4-5 hour’s playtime from a single charge and 30 extra hours in the mini portable charging case. Only takes 1.5 hours to be fully charged. Super lightweight and stabilizer design according to ear geometry to ensure a secure, comfortable fit for any ear.
  • ♬【IPX5 Waterproof & Warranty】Anti-sweating material keeps the true wireless headphones fully function even when dripping with sweat; Note: Cshidworld Bluetooth Earbuds includes a 45 days money-back guarantee & 18-month warranty.


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47 reviews for Cshidworld Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Noise Cancelling

  1. Cory McGraw

    They don’t work. When fully charged, the earbuds don’t power up. The instructions do not address this issue and instructional video didn’t solve the issue.

  2. Lourdgenie Lamothe

    The sound quality is great! Pods had a hard time staying in my ear. The microphone may need some improvement. People had a hard time hearing me on the phone. Also, accidentally touching the pods would hang-up calls or pause my music.

  3. Valentine Lina

    What computer software do you need to make business cards from a personal computer?

  4. Girish Goyal

    I like the flexibility of using one ear bud for computer and another for phone.
    However, ear buds keep on falling out. Also, the charging cable is no longer working.

  5. Kathleen Lang

    Granddaughter very disappointed.

  6. Marcos Hadjicharalambous

    Stopped working after 2 months.

  7. Richard Boymer

    This device would never charge. I do not have another charging cable that works with this device. It is not working. I did not open this package until 1 week ago and have tried charging multiple times. No lights come on.

  8. Rick Clark

    The left we piece has stopped working

  9. Alisa

    Piece of junk! Always hard to pair. At five months of using here and there… So not too often, the volume started to get softer each time I used them. Now, only one bud has any sound coming out and it is like a whisper. Can’t hear my music when I run or on treadmill. Calls are impossible to hear at all. I have email this company about this. Will let you know if they reply.

  10. Krestina Melania Bednarz

    Overall, I really like the product. It fits comfortably in my ears, they don’t fall out, able to sync easily with my phone and laptop, and provide great sound and clarity. My only complaint is that my left earbud already has a static sound that is obvious when calling others and hearing them talk. This is a one time random occurrence rather than a review of the brand as a whole.

  11. Brian mac

    Volume has significantly dropped off since new.

  12. Marc H Alper

    I was very impressed with the product quality, sound and functionality. I use them daily for music, books, Zoom and phone calls. I was so pleased that I subsequently bought a second pair for my wife and may even get for other family members. However, I’m now having a newly developed problem with low (soft) sound level in the right earbud. The right earbud level is about 10%-20% of the volume in the left. I may need to return for replacement.

  13. Megan Ortiz

    Product was great at first. However, after a few months, one of the earbuds only plays at a low volume while the other earbud works fine. I reached to customer support for help, but I have not heard back. I am not pleased.

  14. Isaiah Edwads

    The sound quality is better than most earbuds ive had. I also love the design.

  15. Jennifer kidwell

    Love it numerous people in my family use these brand

  16. Renee Lee

    My earbuds were amazing but then they stopped charging after less than 30 days

  17. Tim Nagy

    Right volume is 50% and overall volume is about 60%. Disappointed.

  18. Sou

    I like the touch to pause and play feature. I also like the auto pairing and connect when not inside case.

  19. Rachel brandimore

    It was very easy to connect. I am still trying to figure out how to switch song and volume with the button, but so far so good!

  20. Anthony

    Hopefully they last longer than my last pair. My last pair only lasted 6 months. And I have contacted about warranty replacement. And you have not contacted me back.

  21. craig karpe

    I am registering my warantee because I need to make a claim. I was very happy with the product for the 2+ months that I have used it until last week. One of the earbuds got wet and has stopeed working. Now I see that they are selling for $17.99 and I paid $35.99

  22. Olivia Ciferni

    The price is really good and they function just like airpods.

  23. Laurie McDowell

    This product doesn’t work. Only one side pairs and then the battery goes out. this has happened multiple times. I am not happy with this product.

  24. Onna Karau

    It is super nice I love them so much thank you

  25. JT Bussell

    Easy to pair with phone, noise reduction was a plus and the design is comfortable (almost forget have them on).

  26. Daniel

    This product comes with its charger and its easy to use. Arrived on time

  27. Kevin Kobli

    Had an issue, but customer service took care of it.


    The earbuds work great. I would recommend this to my family and friends. It charges easily and pairs easily with my phone. The earbuds are comfortable to wear also.

  29. Molly Ngo

    Nice design.
    they fits my ears well.
    USB C is a another pro.

  30. keith evans

    Comfortable, easy to pair, easy to use, light weight, good sound quality, good price compared to name brands.

  31. Mya Corrigan

    I just got my ear pods, but like them. They fit well and sound good. Can’t beat the price.

  32. Mark Riddle

    Sounds great! The quality is comparable to any other headphones I’ve used. The packaging is convenient with the built in charger.

  33. Jayden Henderson

    My product is alot nicer then I expected and it is vv easy to use and helps with the difficulty of wires I would recommend these

  34. Christina

    I like these earbuds but the first ones I had broke after 3 and a half months

  35. Tehetena Haddis

    It’s hard to connect to more than one device, sometimes it doesn’t even show as a Bluetooth device option. The charger cable stopped working, unable to get support for cable replacement.

  36. Andrew Broekhuijsen

    Happy with the purchase. I hope it lasts. They fit my ears comfortably and sound good.

  37. Courtney Trusty

    I like these because they’re comfortable and easy to use. I had another pair of earbuds like these that didn’t work quite as well. So👍🏻

  38. Johnny dock

    This is my second set. I love them because they fit well in ear and Sunderland is crisp.

  39. Alec Dabney


  40. Tori Kettenacker

    They sound really good and are great for being so cheap. Definitely worth the price.



  42. Joseph kay

    Just got them so far so good , price is right it’s first ear pods for my kids

  43. Lisa Manzione

    So far so good…just don’t have right charging cable!

  44. Kirby McCarter

    i absolutely love them so far! great sound quality and fantastic quality!

  45. Nadia ibrahim

    Product Works great. Highly recommend

  46. Dan Borton

    Great sound and very easy to pair with my phone

  47. Katelyn McCabe

    it had very good sound quality but they didn’t stay in my ears. they also didn’t look super nice like other ones i have seen.

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